2021 Season


“Whether or not you are familiar with comic books, the very real dynamic of a group of people wondering about their futures is indentifiable to all. Ross is brilliant at tense and relatable dialogue, even in a setting such as this. For fans of “sequential art,” note that atmospherically this play brings the style of a graphic novel to life better than most superhero films.”  

John Belden, Plays with John & Wendy   


“A fast-paced, sometimes brutal series of confrontations plunges us into the life/death struggle of The Four. Are they fated with Apocalypse or Immortality? The human creative died. What now happens to/for his characters? What voice do the products of his imagination have in their Future?”

-Rita Kohn, Nuvo  


IndyFringe 2021. Written and Directed by  Casey Ross.  Music by  Dave Pelsue.  Featuring: Dave Pelsue, Zachariah Stonerock, Doug Powers and Taylor Cox. Costume Design by  Casey Ross.

My husband and two sons are obsessed with comics, so I'm knowledgeable about comics, almost reluctantly. Despite that, I found Copyright/Safe to be an absolute phenomenon. At once self-aware and meta regarding the tropes, plots, and characters in comics, Copyright/Safe gives us new and powerful insights into the characters we've come to know so well, and asks us to consider what we would do if faced with the same powerful storylines in our own lives. Deeply existential and beautiful, this is the play comic geeks - and their families - have needed in their lives. Brilliant!"

Please don't sleep on this playwright! Miss Casey Ross is a real diamond and her talent is immeasurable! I've had the pleasure of watching this play Copyright/Safe come to life and I'm blown away by the depth of these characters and the way Casey bring her audience along. I'm not even a comic book fan but I found myself drawn in by these characters, it's that good! So find a quiet place to sit, grab a cup of coffee and dig in! You'll be there for a while!"