Bat in the Wind

We are thrilled to return to the IndyFringe with our 12 original Catalyst Fringe production. announce that we’ll be seeing you for all 3 weekends of IndyFringe, our favorite fest in the Midwest, with a new play by our Artistic Director, Casey Ross. Bat in the Wind (or A Recent Study on Depression and Addiction) premieres at the 2023 IndyFringe.
“A beginning and an end. Life and death…A bat flapping wildly against the wind…”
A new drama by local playwright, Casey Ross, Bat in the Wind follows a struggling young playwright and his neighbor, an eccentric drunk – as they navigate sharing a duplex, their addictions, and their lives…
Recommended 16+, Adult Language, Substance Abuse, Adult Content


“Humanity filled Bat in the Wind, which I believe has legs…it’s a performance that I will long remember for its honesty in portraying characters keenly fleshed out by homegrown Ross, who has the potential to become one of the leading voices in the American Theatre.” 

-Tom Alvarez, on Bat in the Wind (IndyFringe premiere)

Casey Ross is an acclaimed Indianapolis playwright known primarily for her original Fringe festival plays. Bat in the Wind (or A Recent Study on Depression and Addiction) marks Ross’s 12th original IndyFringe premiere. Ross’s IndyFringe works inculde: Gallery (2007), Tortillo! (2009), Queue (2010), The Solidarity (2013), Portraits (2014), Hell’s 4th Ring [The Mall Musical] (2015, music by Dave Pelsue), Tortillo! 2: Dickens Rising (2016), Canvas (2017), Arcadefire! [The Redemption of Billy Mitchell] (2018, music by Christopher McNeely), Copyright/Safe (2021, music by Dave Pelsue), Tortillo! 3: Sombrero’s Revenge (2022). 

In 2009, Ross’s play won the Performer Favorite Award at IndyFringe, for Tortillo!. In 2017, Catalyst Repertory won the IndyFringe Best Vetern Producers Award for Canvas, the final chapter in Ross’s The Gallery Triology, which is published through The Geeky Press and available for purchase on Amazon.



You may remember Matt from our recent successful run of Tennesee Williams classic, A Streetcar Named Desire (Steve), his Catalyst Repertory debut. If you missed Streetcar, you’ve surely seen Matt on other stages such as the Mud Creek Players, Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre, Westfield Playhouse, and more. We, at Catalyst, are thrilled to have Matt join us, again, for this world-premiere of local playwright and Catalyst Artistic Director, Casey Ross’s newest script, Bat in the Wind (Or A Recent Study on Depression and Addiction). Matt can be seen before Bat in the Wind at The District Theatre, for Duncan MacMillan’s People, Places, and Things, opening June 16th. We’re thrilled to be welcoming Matt back for his third production (2nd of Bat in the Wind!)with Catalyst and can’t wait to see him originate Ross’s captivating new script.




Zach has been a formative member of Catalyst for a long time and currently sits on our board of directors. He is also one of our Directors in Residence, as well as, an Actor in Residence. You’ve seen Zach on stage with Catalyst in The Diviners (Ferris Laymen, 2016), Tooth of Crime (Chaser, 2017) and in our 2021 IndyFringe offering, Copyright/Safe (Eyepatch). 

You’ve also seen Zach’s work with Catalyst as the director of many of the new works (and a classical adaptation!) we’ve premiered; such as Feral Boy (Bennett Ayres, 2016), Popular Monsters (Lou Harry, 2018), Romeo + Juliet (Shakespeare, 2018), and Lanista (Bennett Ayres, 2022). Zach has been seen on numerous Indy stages, as well as, directed and acted as a teacher, for many local companies.