Our Board

Our Board

Board President - Taylor Cox

Taylor is an accomplished local actor and founding member of the Catalyst team. Taylor has worked with many local theatre companies, since bounding into the theatre scene, in 2014, but none as prominately as Catalyst Repertory. Taylor is also a busy restaurant industry manager, political science degree holder, light saber instructor, and activast, which makes the vastness of his contributions to Catalyst even more impressive. 

Taylor has been seen in several of Catalyst’s most celebrated productions, such as: Equus (Alan), Coriolanus (Coriolanus), The Seagull (Treplev), Copyright/Safe (The Mask), and Portraits/The Gallery Trilogy (Jackson).  And, most recently, our critcially acclaimed production of The Pillowman (Katurian). Taylor is an incredibly giving artist and has taken on many management roles within Catalyst. Taylor has helped to craft every Catalyst season and has been paramount in defining our brand and our theatre’s culture. We’re proud to welcome him to this position as our first Board President.

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